The city of Novocherkassk

Novocherkassk is one of large towns in the South of Russia. It is peculiar not only in its glorious history, but also in remarkable features: outline, architecture, unique historical monuments. Novocherkassk was designed and founded in 1805 as a new capital of the Don Cossacks Army Region. Within more than a century that was a town of the Don Cossacks elite: Cossacks atamans, military administration, army officers, officialdom, educational and cultural center.

Novocherkassk is a town of Rostov-on-Don regional subordination. It boarders with Oktyabrskyi and Aksayskyi rural districts of Rostov region, The general town area is 13412,1 hectares (within the town boarder - 12297, 9 hectares). The population is 170,7 thousand people.

Novocherkassk was founded
18 May by Old Style (30 May by New Style) 1805 by the Don Cossacks Army Ataman Matvey Ivanovich Platov, the town project was designed by the military engineer lieutenant-general Franz Devolan.

Due to its status of the Don Cossacks Army administrative center, the town was mainly populated by the Cossacks, with a small number of nonresidents and people of other nationalities.

From 1917 to January 1920, Novocherkassk was a center of the counterrevolution. After the Soviet Government establishing here on January 7, 1920, Novocherkassk changed its Cossacks capital status to the district and later on town center and became the Don land large industrial, scientific and cultural center.

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